Panthers News · Support Stephen Gabel’s “Kick It” Campaign for Childhood Cancer Research

Senior Stephen Gabel is dedicating his football season to former teammate, Jakob Hwang ’18, and raising funds for “Alex’s Lemonade Stand”, a foundation for childhood cancer research.

For more information on how to make a pledge, please click: Stephen Gabel’s Kick It


My name is Stephen Gabel and I am a senior varsity kicker at Elyria Catholic High School. I would like to dedicate my last year of high school football to honor the memory of my soccer teammate, Jakob Hwang, who bravely battled Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma from the fall of 2016 to June 11, 2018. In order to make sure Jakob is never forgotten, I wanted to do my part and use my spot on the football team to do more than score points and help to win games, but rather, to help win the bigger fight against cancer.

Jakob touched the lives of many people around him by always being kind and showing great faith in God, even in the toughest times when all seemed lost. To honor his memory his parents founded the HwangStrong Foundation, a foundation that helps families who are currently undergoing treatments.

I want to honor Jakob by following his example and bring hope to others by raising money for much needed childhood cancer research as a Kick-It Champion!

To help me find cures for Kids with Cancer please support my efforts by either pledging a dollar amount for every point I score this season or making one-time donation toward my goal.  

Click PLEDGE to make a PLEDGE (Ex. $2 per point x 40 total points = $80).

Together we can honor Jakob and continue his fight to kick cancer in the grass!
Thank you for your support and God bless!